Buses off Route

A 160 in Rushey Green on the way to Abbey wood via Abbey Estate. The trouble is the 160 didn't go to Abbey Wood, or down Rushey Green for that matter. It went up Brownhill Road from Catford to Eltham and Welling. 
Probably the driver went to the garage and jumped into TL2 or whatever running number he wanted, mistaking 160 for 180. No doub't the crew of the 160 were searching the garage high and low for their bus. 
The thing is the bus has passenger on board, not even realising the route number had jumped on the first red thing for a ride to Lewisham.
RT 3063. KXW 172.
June 1970.

RM 1543. 545 CLT Showing 36 on the rear blind in Abbey Wood garage forecourt. The route of the 36 was Hither Green - Lewisham - Peckham - Victoria - West Kilburn, nowhere near Abbey Wood. The bus is probably on Route 177 from New Cross and the rear blind has not been changed. 
August 1970.
Photograph. John King.

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