Erith Transport History
"The Prince of Wales"

RT 365
RT 365. HLX 182 on service 99 circa 1968.  This is on a Sunday, when Abbey Wood garage (AW) took over the running of the 99 from Plumstead (AM) on Sundays.
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Photograph. John King.


RT 2070 and RM 180

The bus stand at the Prince of Wales, Avenue Road, Erith. Services 99 and 122a. Woolwich - Erith. the 99 via Upper Belvedere. The 122a via Parsonage Manorway and Oakhampton Crescent. Despite all the changes here the housing in this picture and the cinema building are still there. More recently the Cinema has been demolished
RT 2070. LYF 8. on service 122a and RM 180. VLT 180 on service 99. They often used routemasters which were used on service 180 on weekdays.
April 1968.

Photograph. John King.


RM 180

RM 180. VLT 180 on service 99. Behind can be seen the Prince of Wales Pub. 
April 1969. The 99 is a long standing route, the service started from here to Woolwich by L.G.O.C. on 25 May 1916. It still runs the same route, just the terminal roads have changed at each end.
Photograph. John King.

L50 on the first day of the L.G.O.C route 99 at Erith Prince of Wales on the 22 May 1916. The route Woolwich - Plumstead - Bostal Wood - Upper Belvedere - Erith Road - Friday Hill - Fraser Road - Erith. The 99 still runs the same route today. The terminal points have just changed slightly.

MB 625

After service 122a went driver operated. on the right MB 625. AML 655H. Behind is a 99. RM 326. WLT 326. September 1969.

This area has changed greatly in the past few years. At the time of the photographs the area was a quite back street, Now with a round-a-bout at each end. The prince of Wales pub has been demolished to be replaced by  a drive through McDonalds. Avenue Road is a long road it goes over the crossroad beyond the cinema seen in the background of picture four, to the river. The other way it crosses the main road seen in the distance in picture one. here it crosses the railway line as a footbridge then carries on for a considerable distance as a residential road.

Photograph.  John King.


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