Queen Elizabeth Hospital Routes

A 161 on its new diversion about to turn into Baker Road from Shooters Hill Road. This is Sunday 25 February 2001, a nice bright sunny cold day, the second day of the new routing via Shooters Hill Road, Baker Road,  Stadium Road, and Ha ha Road. Previously the route was via Academy Road and Woolwich Common. The 161 route is Chislehurst to North Greenwich Station, via Eltham and Woolwich, and is run by Metrobus,

Work on the new junction is still in progress with temporary traffic lights and lots of mud on the road. The turning on the right is to the Brook Village housing development.
Photograph. John King.

A 386 just about to turn into Baker Road from Shooters Hill Road, Having just turned right into Shooters Hill Road from Corelli Road. Previously the 386 went via Academy Road and Woolwich Common. The 386 is from Greenwich to Eltham, via Westcombe Park, Blackheath, Brook Estate, Shooter Hill, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Herbert Road. The 386 is run by Stagecoach Selkent from Plumstead (PD). seen here on Sunday 25 February 2001.
Photograph. John King.

The 486 is a new route to serve the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, it is an extension of the M1 dome service to Charlton Station. It now continues up Charlton Church Lane to Charlton Village, Repository Road, Stadium Road, Baker Road, Shooters Hill and Belgrove Road to Welling Corner. The 486 is run by London Central.
This is the gas version of the bus a DAF SB220s with East Lancs bodywork.  Seen here in Baker Road at the junction with Shooters Hill Road, on Sunday 25 February 2001. Woolwich Common can be seen behind the bus.
Follow this link for more on this route.
Photograph. John King.

Other routes to serve the hospital are 291 which was exteded from Woolwich and the 469 which was unchanged.
Also diverted is the 855 and 856 Mobility buses.

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