Greenwich Church

Stagecoach 34385 on route 386 and 17534 on route 199 seen in Greenwich Church Street, with St Alfage Church in the background. These two route go different ways from here, the 386 turns right  to wait at the Cutty Sark before returning to Woolwich. The 199 turns to the left for a trip to Canada Water. this is on Sunday 4 January 2004.
Photograph. John King.

Stagecoach 17325 on service 199 (Catford Garage, Lewisham, Greenwich, Deptford, Surrey Quays, Canada Water Station) seen here at Greenwich Church Street, with St Alfege's Church just out of sight on the left. This bus is running wrong way along the one way system. This is due to road closures for Greenwich car free day on 21 September 2003.
Up until 1951 Greenwich Church Street was the teminal of the 68 and 70 tram routes.
Photograph. John King.

East Thames VWL2 on route 180 just about to enter Greenwich Church Street from Greenwich High Road, 28 December 2003. The bus is about to pass over the bridge above the Greenwich Railway. 
Photograph. John King.
See the same place in June 1970
and in August 1968.

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