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Who test on animals?

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Products to Boycott

There are many companies that insist testing their products on animals. It is illegal in the United Kingdom to test products on animals. However, it is not illegal to test their products on animals outside of the UK, and this is what many companies do. I have tried to list below companies that test on animals and the products that they distribute. Although not all of the products may be tested on animals, it is best to boycott all of the products from a particular company.
I have written to the companies listed under "May be tested on animals" and will assume that they do until they write back and deny it. These will be then listed under "Do not test products on animals".
The source of the evidence that the companies do or do not test on animals is written in bold italic next to the company's name

Companies that test on animals

Proctor & Gamble - P.E.T.A.
Pantene, Vicks, Fairy Liquid, Pringles, Sunny Delight, Arial washing powder.
UK Freefone: 0800 834 449

Faberge Paris- Letter -
Read the letter I received from Faberge
UK Freefone: 0800 585 204

Companies that may test on animals

Laboratois Garnier Paris - Awaiting reply to letter as of 3rd February

Companies that do not test on animals.

Body Shop - Company policy
All products

The Co-Op Supermarket- Company policy
All own-brand products

Sainsbury's - Company policy
All own-brand products
UK Freefone: 0800 636 262


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