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Vegetarian Homework Help

Welcome to the vegetarian homework help section of The Vegetarian Centre.  Please do not copy anything directly from this website unless in quotation marks and properly attributed to this site.  If you do copy anything directly there is a chance that your teacher could find out that you did.  This is simple to do. 
If you are a teacher, please email us and it would be great if you could help give us advice.
1)The first place to check is our Vegetarian Facts page.  This is very useful to quote from.  The source of all quotes and statistics is on the bottom of the page.  Available HERE
2) The next most useful page is "Why be Vegetarian" which contains arguments for moral & religious reasons on becoming vegetarian.  Available HERE
3) Now check the "Famous Vegetarians" section HERE
4) There is also a section about vegetarians on the CBBC Newsround website


There are plenty of other sections for you to explore on the right.

Please feel free to contact The Vegetarian Centre if you are a teacher or a student and have any comments or suggestions for this site.


Only for after your homework:



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