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Why do people become vegetarian?
If you have any views for or against Vegetarianism, please email and I will post them on this site - guaranteed!
Moral Reasons
Nobody would argue that animals don't feel pain, fear or enjoyment. This gives them the basic right to be treated in ways that respect their own personal value, just as humans are. This includes the right to live, not to be slaughtered or treated unjustly.
Political Reasons
Another argument is that there is so much famine in the world, and rearing cattle to be slaughtered is a waste of resources - including their feed, and the land for them to graze upon. It would be a far more economical use of resources for humans to eat the grain and use the land to grow more. If the west reduced their meat consumption by just ten percent, it would free up enough grazing land to grow food for up to 40 million people.

Religious Reasons
Vegetarianism was probably first practiced in connection with religious purification rituals. The idea of a fleshless diet for normal use arose in India and eastern Mediterranean lands around 1000 BC. Hindu and Buddhist sects consider all animal life sacred and teach that human beings should avoid harming animals. Some Jewish and Christian groups followed the principles of vegetarianism and considered eating flesh gluttonous, cruel, and wasteful. In the Roman Catholic church, Trappist monks have practiced vegetarianism since 1666. Among Protestants, the Seventh-day Adventists observe strict vegetarian guidelines.

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I would love to hear your views on your own or other religions and their attitudes to Vegetarianism/Animal Rights. Please email them to

Reasons against becoming Vegetarian
People who are against becoming Vegetarian tend to have three main reasons why they should not or can not become Vegetarian. The are: 1) Humans are naturally omnivorous which is true, but there is no need to eat animals. Humans are naturally violent, but most are not, or try not to be. 2) Vegetarians are anaemic. Which doesn't have to be true if you keep a balanced diet and take regular vitamin supplements. 3) "I'd miss my meat too much". Apart from the reasons stated above, people will miss meat to begin with, but after a week or so, most will wonder how they ever ate it in the first place.

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